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About Us

We are a group of friendly male naturists

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Our group of friends is mostly gay or bi (but we are inclusive to gay-friendly straight people who identify as he/him or were assigned at birth as male but are non binary) who meet every month, sometimes more frequently, for a nude social with pot luck food. It is strictly social and we discourage any sexual activity at the event. At some events, we have access to a hot-tub. We have no formal structure and people are responsible for themselves and their belongings. If people share a trip or holiday place, it is like any group of friends sharing transport, accommodation or activities on a break.


Age Range

We have a wide age range (recent parties have included people in the age range 19 - 85) - for statisticians we think we have a normal distribution curve peaking at about 50 - 55. with less in the 18-30 range and over 75s.


Eating and Drinking

We have successfully operated a 'Pot Luck' system of buffet food contributions but we have vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, gluten intolerant and omnivores. There are also drinkers and teetotalers. The hosts decide the food range (it will be stated on the invitation) but If you are arriving after 9 pm on a Friday party, or 3pm on a Sunday, we will assume you have eaten: just bring what you like to drink. For games nights bring your own snack and alcohol if you like to drink that, otherwise it is tea or coffee from the host.

When? Fridays (and some Sundays).

We try to have the Sunday parties in the middle of the month with Friday parties two days before. In even number months the bigger hot tub socials are in Highgate, and in the odd number months the events are smaller in Ealing, but these are sometimes varied to accommodate holidays, host commitments elsewhere and travel - see the home page for forthcoming dates.

Through an odd coincidence - after covid, we tried (in Autumn 2021) having an overflow party from the Friday on a Sunday afternoon and it proved popular with people wanting to socialise after the naked yoga session at Brewer Street Yoga .  It also allowed an opportunity to accommodate people late in expressing an interest in the main Friday parties. Indeed, some said it suited them better.


We tried, from early 2022, two gatherings in a weekend in Highgate months, the main social will still be Friday evening, as is our established pattern, and a follow-up on Sunday, two days later.  Our new RSVP system will give an option to opt for one (if two are offered). For those who are new and possibly a but unsure, the Sunday ones are a good option for newbies. We have not run out of space yet on a Sunday.

New ideas - see small events page

We are developing new, smaller events such as ‘Come Dine with Me, Naked’, board games evenings, quizes, and film nights. Smaller group events are best organised through WhatsApp or Telegram or with your friends. These may be less of a challenge for people starting out than a full social event. Send us your phone number to be added to the WhatsApp or Telegram MLNN groups (after you have been to an event or the organisers have met you over a drink or coffee / supper). Use the address PLEASE NOTE these groups are not for chatting but for fixing meals, film night meets, flat shares even holidays. People may have the chat open at work, so . . . . .

PLEASE keep it to words if possible, avoid chat and if you need to introduce yourself with a face picture, keep it to that or, if a wider shot, keep it to clothed pictures.  We do NOT want it to be labelled or regarded as NSFW (not safe for work), otherwise it won't work!

Join us?

If you are in London on a Friday evening and sometimes Sunday afternoons and want to wind down from the week with a naturist social (for people identifying with the pronouns he/him or were assigned at birth as male but are non binary) we do one every month usually alternating between Highgate (N6) and Ealing (near Hanger Lane tube). When in Highgate there is a garden hot tub (fun, even in the snow) and it is just outside the dining room door. It is a townhouse that holds about 45 comfortably so most of the gossip goes on in the dining room and kitchen on the ground floor, but there are sofas and chairs on which to sit quietly and chat on the first floor. Ealing is a smaller flat and takes about 25.


We start Friday parties at 19.00  close the tub in Highgate at 23.00 and finish about 23.30 in both locations (so people can get the Underground/trains back to most places and neighbours in nearby bedrooms are not disturbed) Highgate Station is a 12 - 15 minute walk away. The N20 or N91 night bus will get you back to the centre if you prefer a bus. Hanger Lane and Park Royal stations are a 5 or 10 minute walk respectively from the Ealing venue. Sundays we gather from 12.30 and finish about 17.30 in Highgate and Ealing tends to be 'afternoon teatime' .


New Hosts

We are also starting a series of smaller ‘events’ as noted above and seeking hosts with suitable venues* to give a good geographical spread and maintain our ethos promoting non-sexual nude socials. Something to meet the demand in the Ealing months would be really helpful.



We are different from the events that operate through NakedMates and our regulars  appreciate that it is purely social - it is our USP (unique selling point) and is highly valued (see the "Joining and our ethos" page).


*If others can consider hosting an event or a meal from time to time please email us at

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