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Male London Socials

^ Not one of our parties! Picture from Tumblr web source.

Live in / near London, or visiting?
Like socialising with naked guys?
Join us at one of our socials!

Friday Party times 19:00 -23.30 pm

(Some months Sunday afternoon parties 12.30 - 17.00 - usually Highgate, occasionally Ealing)

Please see the 'When' section on the About page and dates below.

If you want to join us - see how in the six numbered points on the ‘Joining and our ethos’ page and in your email tell us you have read and agree to the rules/guidelines and accept how we hold data.

(There is a model message to us there to copy and paste). PLEASE don't try to 'join' this site or message us on it. Use the email to engage with us.

2023 /2024 dates for socials :*

   8th December - Newbies night* (Highgate)

   15th & 17th December (Highgate - pre-Christmas)

   12 January (Ealing)
  16 & 18 February (Highgate)
  8 March (Ealing)
  19 & 21 April (Highgate)

   11 May (Saturday) Eurovision 2024 various hosts TBC

* requests for expressions of interest go out by email link to an online booking form about 10 days before the event dates. (if two events in a weekend, we try to message 10 days before the first of the pair).

At the July and September 2023 Ealing socials, we had almost as many on the waiting list as those able to attend - we have become a victim of our own success.  Fridays on the double party weekends are often oversubscribed but the Sundays are more gentle. If new, or want more certainty, we suggest you opt for a Sunday in even number months.

HOSTS NEEDED who will uphold our ethos and provide more capacity - particularly in the odd number months (the Ealing dates) and possibly in another part of London???

NF r BF.jpg

Get in Touch

The naturist world has changed with less reliance on landed clubs. We set up 'pop-up' events as a group of friends. We have no constitution or bank account. If you want to know more then message us on


We need to know you accept that the events are not sexual in any way before we let you join. Once we have that understanding we will add you to our mailing system and community of friends.

Friends in our system, once we have actually met for drinks, coffee or at a social, can be added to our messaging space to get in touch. We are using WhatsApp or Telegram groups we have set up to network ideas for  impromtu meets, workspace sharing or flat share opportunities through to holiday / weekend ideas. Guidance on its use is on the Joining / Ethos page.

* NEWBIES - these come in two types: existing naturists who find us and those wanting to try social naturism but have yet to try. 

The former will probably 'dive in' and be fine.  For the more nervous or worried newbies, we have set up a night to 'get you used to it' with others in a similar state of 'newness' - all newbies welcome whether experienced naturists or not. Meet the new people!

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