Male London Socials

^ Not one of our parties! Picture from Tumblr web source.

Live in or near London, or visiting?
Like socialising with naked guys?
Do join one of our socials!

Friday Party times 19:00 -23.30 pm

3rd Sunday parties 12.30 - 17.30 (Highgate and new venue from May in Vauxhall)

(please see the 'When' section on the About page)

If you want to join us - see how in the red text on the ‘Joining and our ethos’ page and in your email tell us you have read and agree to the rules/guidelines and accept how we hold data.

(There is a model message to us there to copy and paste).

Upcoming parties :*

14th May (Eurovision smaller Saturday parties Archway, Ealing, Streatham Hill & Surbiton )

17th & 19th June (Highgate).

The remainder of the year is under review. Until the pandemic is effectively over and becomes management and endemic, we will maintain the request to be vaccinated and do a Lateral Flow Test, while people still have stocks, before attending.


* requests for expressions of interest go out by email about 10 days before the Friday dates.

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Get in Touch

If you want to know more then message us on malelondonsocials@gmail.com

We need to know you accept that the events are not sexual in any way before we let you join. Once we have that understanding we will add you to our mailing system.

Friends in our system can can get in touch with each other using WhatsApp or Telegram groups to offer impromtu meets or flat share opportunities through to holiday ideas. 


Guidance on its use is on the Ethos page.