Pot Luck catering


We borrowed the American idea of 'pot luck' buffets so everyone attending the early part of the evening contributes either, nibbles, a cake or sweets / chocolates, savoury starters, fruit, cheese etc or a main course contribution - pizzas are popular and at Highgate we have a fast pizza oven.  The concept is to share food, but when buying or making, think whether the quantity of your contribution would feed a person or an army! Ealing parties are vegetarian, Highgate parties take all types of food.

We have noted over the years that shop bought quiches are nearly always left so we now discourage those :-) If stuck for ideas just bring sandwiches. If joining us later to just be social and not eat, then just bring what you like to drink. See page with more about food & drink.

Bring a towel or two, what you like to drink and the buffet contribution. We start the buffet about 8 and the cover comes off the tub when most have eaten. Six at a time is the hot tub limit and our bigger parties have needed 5 or 6 changeovers to let everyone have a go ... so we ask users to be considerate to those waiting and not hog it.

So if you think that would be your thing and are in (or can get to) London on a Friday evening, please let one of the organisers know. We have set up an e mail for contacting us and that is malelondonsocials@gmail.com   

People tend to chat on till it is time to think about getting the Northern Line and connections home (and we keep the same hours now some tubes go 24 hours).  There is parking in the road at Highgate for people who want to drive, and it is not restricted after 16.00 hours.


We like to think our naturist friends are our extended family and many are introduced by mutual friends, but as in any family there are occasionally rogue elements.  The recent mention of us in TNT magazine may attract new but unknown people to our socials.  Ourselves and another couple who host have had a couple of small losses occur at parties.  Whilst a very small percentage of parties hosted are affected, it does cast a shadow over events.  We therefore have to remind you that we can not be responsible for your effects, but you can help yourselves by only bringing essential belongings. It may also be sensible to bring a bag, plastic or more zippable, to contain all your things.

In over 8 years of parties in Ealing and Highgate we only had one instance of a bag going missing and one of un-bagged jeans getting mixed up, so we have quite a good track record.

A bit about Rules - our guidelines and how we operate them:

We don't like too many rules but we operate under the following guidelines that we apply (or will apply in the event of an issue):

1.    Drink & Drugs - We are happy for people to drink at our socials, but not to excess and we expect people not to arrive intoxicated. We have an absolute no drugs rule.

2.    Dress code - It is a naturist social so we expect all attending to be naked for the whole event (except when arriving and leaving, of course). Flip flops or socks are acceptable if the floor is cold! We may occasionally suggest a theme to an event which may allow inventive use of accessories, but that should not involve covering up.

3.    Beyond Naturism - If you are expecting mixed social/sex parties and exhibitionism then don't come to one of ours -  find NakedMates or other sites. Random erections we can cope with but please, no sexual activity in the venue. Our unique offer is the ability to be able to socialise naked without the pressure of any expectation of 'action'.

4.    Contact etiquette - Please do not monopolise or pester new members, they may not be interested in you.

If people want to be put in touch after an event, the organisers will pass on the e mail or contact details of the requester to the requestee. The requestee can then respond if they want to - this is basic anti-stalking good-practice.

Most problems have occurred when some, over the years, have hung around after the formal end of the event and have pushed the boundaries at that time after adhering to the guidelines during the social. You can arrange to stay if you have a difficult journey by prior arrangement with the hosts, otherwise the end of the social is just that.

People not known to the hosts (a verified TN profile helps) will be put on a Beginners / Initiates mailing list and after a couple of successful attendances will be put on the full party mailing list and the mailing list for other naturist events. Those pushing the boundaries or repeated cancellations or 'No Shows' without an apology, will forfeit the next invite and will go on a Probationers list. Repeated transgressions will result in exclusion from the invitations.  Serious breaches on 1 -  4 above may result in you being asked to leave the event.


For obvious reasons we do not post the addresses of party venues on the web to avoid gatecrashers. Those who have been before will, no doubt, have the address in their address book, but we send it by e mail to those who are confirmed attendees. As the hours before a social are often quite busy, please make sure you have got any assistance with directions a day or two before.